Home sweet home?

I`m driving home for Christmas… It felt just like that,except it was October and I was flying!

The Norwegian cold fresh air hit me,I liked it,the smell,the place,it was just how I left it.One of my best friends met me with her biggest smile.I feel blessed to have friends like this,that no matter how far and how long you go,everything is exactly the same when you talk again,always there for eachother.It`s quite cool to get to have reunions with old friends and family,you appreciate the time together even more.

But then it gets quiet….Lying in the bathtub listening to the silence,soaking in all the experiences.Questening if I appreciated it enough between all the worries and travels.I believe I did,I know I did,it’s just that time stands so still but nevertheless go so fast that suddenly it´s all over and then you find yourself right back where you started.”This was not the plan” “What now?”

Back in Trondheim,at my two old job`s where they where happy to have me back again.And in my girls room at my moms.Lucky to have supporting parents even though they don’t agree with my choice of life.But as soon as I was “settled”,I was ready to leave again… I miss the life as a traveller,being abroad,not knowing what the day will bring,and I missed him,my Chilean!

I had no money to travel with,no house or a steady job,but in this moment I had already made up my mind.I was saving for traveling to Chile.

My parents where not shocked but disappointed,”When are you going to settle?” “What is you´re plan for the future?” “You are not getting any younger!” I just heard :” Younger,younger,younger are you?” and Seinabo sey just pumped more adrenalin into my dreams.I love to take chances,to travel,to throw myself out in the world,into the unkown.And I rather be low-paid and struggle when I am old and think back on all my adventures,than old and secure wondering what life would be like if I followed my heart.To me, being rich is the sense of adventure and love,not living up to requirements of today’s society in relation to money and material things.In the future I might not own much,to some people,but to me I will be one of the richest 😉

Not everyone can say that they took the tropic beach walk on the way home from work,or they almost stepped into kangaroo poo on their way to the bathroom,who took an afternoon swim with the turtles,serve on a kakatua,or that their nearest neighbour is the glacier,that they don’t watch the tv but the moon rice by the sea.There is so many small things I could talk about and I am so grateful.

I love my work in Trondheim, hairdressing,nice colleges,the city life,the beautiful environment at the theatre,spending time with friends and family.I am grateful that I can come home and do that for a time,but to know that I am leaving again.It motivates me to work harder and I feel proud of myself,that I can manage to make my dreams come true.

November was easy,things where fresh again,just work and enjoying time with close ones,and a lots of skyping.It was cold and dark in Norway,easier to focus.December was the same,but I started being impatient… so as a christmas present to my Chilean I gave him a picture of my booked ticket to Chile.I had a date now,I was going to fly again,another country,another continent,another reunion.So exited.

Last new year I was watching the spectacular fire work over Sydney bridge from a penthouse in Kingsford.It was a crazy party,lots of champagne and I have never seen fire works compare to this,this year I was in the couch in my pajamas,watching tv with my mom,looked at the neighbors doing small fire works, with my flip-flops in the snow.It was ok,I had a few days left of work and then pack all my stuff,go to Skien to spend time and say goodbye,again.

Its exiting I love it,but to see some of my friends and family being so sad for me to leave again really gives me a bad conscience,it make me feel sad and selfish,they need me to stay,and in a way I wish I could,to be there for them,or even better to just take them with me.But it wouldn’t justify anything,even though we share a great love for each other we are really different,and I have to allow myself to be selfish enough to think in my own happiness first.

So the 28th of January 2016 my dear little  brother drove me to the train station,destination Chile. Goodbye again Norway,hello unknown future….


The last days of something

I woke up to the sound of quiet,it reminded me of when I was kid and I had my cousin for sleepover for weeks at time,she slept on a madras on the floor next to my bed.Got so use to having her there that for 2-3 mornings after she was gone home,I woke up exited still rolling over looking down from my bed,but there was just an empty floor.The feeling of emptiness.

I don`t belive in long distance relationships,it will be like living to lives and I am scared it will make you lose focus in the present.It was kinda forced to be ended.But still I was not ready to let go…

I dragged myself out of bed and had some breakfast at the porch.The amusement park next door played a song I use to sing with my Chilean,loud over the speakers; “You´re gonna miss me when I`m gone” I was crying and eating rice!What a sight for the neighbors.

I had 4 days in Bali on my own now,to make the most out of it,I had to get out of Kuta,crying I packed my stuff,walked the dusty busy small streets in such a heat,my sweat was dripping.Thank God for cafe`s with wifi and alkohol.I called with one of my good friend back home,we solved some world problems,and things seemed a bit better.

Again back at the lady with the bikes,to her surprise!”What happend?” But just me this time.I got a bike and ride it to Seminyak,to spend my last days in there.

Got a room in a cute bed&and breakfast,so cheap.Driving around checking the place,small streets with all kinds of shops,restaurants and bars,and the beach just right there,long and nice with cheap barbecue places who sold cheap cold beers,and on the other side of the streets,huge luxury hotels,with party pools.

A burger and a few cold at the beach,the locals where inviting me over to their table,where they played guitar and sang beautiful tones,they sang the cup song with me and they made me laugh again.

I got to talk to an Australian lady,she must have been like 60 but she covered it with her long bleached hair,collagen,make up an accessories.She lived in Australia but had a house and a Baliboy here in Seminyak.This was obviously the Mekka for Australian couger`s.The boys where asking me all the time where I lived,and said that they wanted to go home with me,if you ever have a problem with low self- esteem go to Seminyak.

The next day one of the locals was gonna try to teach me how to surf.The beach in Seminyak is perfect for new beginners,it’s quite shallow,the waves is small and it’s not that crowded.I had great fun for a few hours until I crack my knee open again,but at least I finished Bali with being in the water,trying to surf.

Last night,a dress and off to potato head,which is a modern coliseum,with three restaurants,two bars surrounding a nice big lawn,who takes you down to the pool who looks like it connects with the indian ocean.I enjoyed mojito`s while watching the spectacular sunset view. Again bittersweet.

I met a sweet Australian couple who where on their holidays,she was so nice,we exchange some stories and she bought me drinks,that’s a first for me,a girl who is out with her boyfriend buying another girl drinks.After the sun went down it was time for me to go,I was not in the mood for socializing at this stage so I grabbed a pizza and went to bed.

Packed and ready to go,this time back home to Norway!It was early morning on the 26th of October 2015 in Indo,I was on the terrace talking with the Chilean on the phone while watching a couple trying to ride a scooter with a suitcase.We where trying to come up with a plan how to be with each other again through bad wifi.

There I was in a 8 seat private car,off to the airport,the scooter lady hooked me up.I had a long flight in head of me,good time to make some plans for what to do when I get there,but instead my mind was going down the memory lane of my travels that I started a year ago,so many places,spots,souls,creatures,moments,experiences,I can not even explain,but when I look back it feels like this one year had the contents of two,the best decision of my life.

Now I was scared of going home,no plan and all alone again,but the though of reunion with friends and family made me happy.

Next stop Skien!








For something new,something has to end…

Ready to check in at the airport in Denpasar,the Women behind the desk informed me that we had not added any luggage in our booking!(whaat?)So,that would be 240 aus please! Ok,great and we paid 140 for the tickets.The women started to get rude as she notice that I got mad,and I think I yelled something about bad service when she left us.

So the budget travelers where back in Kuta renting bikes again to the scoter lady’s surprise,and we went back to Padang Padang.It was in mid October and the travels was coming closer to the end,well don`t know about the end but our path was separating.His flight departed from Malaysia over to L.A and my flight from Indo to Norway both in end of October.

Since you can only stay for 30 days with tourist visa in Indo,I`m going with him to Malaysia for a few days before I return back for my flight back home.But thanks to ourself for not prepaying our luggage we where not going to travel Singapore,but lucky anyways to get another week to spend on sweet Bali.

Back to the easy life of just enjoying the beaches,nice weather and each other,I felt relived anyway,money saved and Singapore can wait.We actually went back to the warungs in beautiful Bingin.We where just chilling everyday,that feeling when you go to the beach cafe for breakfast and come back in the afternoon.

The last days we moved up from the warung and stayed close to Uluwatu in a nice hotel for some luxury in the last days.Drinking Arack,joining beach party,live music and bonfire,having lots of fun with my Chilean.The next day was the last day,my knee was good and I decided to go with my Chilean to try to surf again.Hangover as fuck.

He was already in the water,I was unsure onshore.My hydrophobia felt bigger this time,maybe because of my hangover.Thinking that the hangover would pass a little once I hit the water I decided to go in.I was alone,and already half way out I felt tired in my arms,the water was deep and the waves was bigger.I was in very bad shape after no running,only smoking for weeks.And my knee!But this was the last day! I was almost out there,I spotted my pro surfer.But the wave smashed me and I panicked,I lost the board,I´m gasping for my breath,and start hyperventilating when I see there is another wave coming!Under water,feels like getting struggled,I thought I was gonna die.Gasping for air again,hyperventilating,scared and embarrassed,a girl was paddling towards me looking a little scared,but I managed to get my board and I paddled back in with the tale between my legs,I gave up!That was my ten minute surf in Bali.

Again we where at the airport,this time traveling with Condor and prepaid luggage,we arrived late in Kuala Lumpur,and the next morning we woke up to a hot grey smelly city. Our first plan was to travel out to the beautiful beaches,but now with only 3-4 days we stayed in this big dirty rat city.Its a jungle of skyscrapers and we went to there to do a little shopping,that to me is tiring.To walk the whole mall a couple of times to find out what you are looking for is in another mall around the block.I mean it´s crazy big!

We where sightseeing the city,the famous Petronas towers,the Batu caves with the huge golden Murugan statue,It is HUGE!All 42 meters! We walked up the 272 steps up the limestone hill while being entertained by a screaming russian lady getting attacked by monkeys.To me,the cave itself is more impressive from the outside than inside,but all in all a nice experience.Tourists!

Malaysia is multicultural,but over 60 percent are muslims.When alone most men where looking at me as meat,smiling and said nasty stuff to me,when in company with my chilean they where looking at me as dirty trash.They have carriage for girls only on the train(?)Standing on the unisex carriage with my Chilean a man looked at me,pointed at me and over to the girl carriage and said its okay,he wanted me to go there.Was it to make it better for me?Or for him and his culture,not sure.

There is not allowed to kiss or touch in public either,again on the train there is prohibited sign for kissing as it is for eating.A couple next to us broke the rule,so I was thinking it was more of a norm,but then a really angry guy came and yelled at them and pointed at the sign,(I moved further away from my chilean).A few minutes after I saw the angry man eating on the train….! Would be fun,but I didn´t want to make troubles.

In between all the traveling,and good times I felt this waves of panic running through my body,just as if it dawned on me again and again that soon I was going to separate with my chilean.

Last night,dressed up,drinks on a rooftop with warm breeze in my hair.We didn´t want to leave each other,he wanted to take me home,but I had a ticket to Norway,and I was out of money and my head was a chaos.

Next morning I was packing again,wondering how many times I have done that,after a while you get pretty good at it!We bought packed,he was going to move to a hostel,and he was taking the bus to the airport with me,it made me happy,to delay the goodbye a bit more.Not sure if it was smart though,it felt like we where as always,traveling together,I had to tell myself several times that I am flying alone again soon,we are going to split up!But pushed it away again and enjoyed the moment.

Another proper goodbye at the airport,I really really hate them.There was a few hours to kill first,we had some food,and then he said it again,I have something for you!(I still have the feathers from the car as my bookmark)Hold out his hand and there he was giving me his green stone,that he love so much.He has been carrying it around his neck through all our travels,and I remember he talked highly of it to me.Apparently it was used by the natives in New Zealand,suppose to have spiritual powers to evoke strength and prosperity,to protect,express love and kinship,and to depict growth and harmony.Yeah, I don’t know how much I believe in all that,but to me its was a part of him,I felt honored.

Suddenly the time run out,it was almost as I could hear Whitney Houston starting singing; “if I should stay..” in my head.We walked together right up to the gate!This was it! I hate clichés,but I couldn`t help it,we hugged,hard!And non of us wanted to let go!I remember thinking,shit I really love him!It was painful to leave him.I started crying,then he cried to.He was so calm,so beautiful,I left him there,that was it,I was already late!

Annki,31 years old,everything I own on my back,1 year abroad,so short time,so many experiences,dreams come true,and new dreams to dream,I was now returning to Norway,crying like a baby in the border control.So embarrassing,jet I could not stop it!I still looked behind me,he was not there anymore.Suddenly for no reason I looked up,and there he was looking down at me through the glass,waving slow with his fingers.I thought he had left,it made me cry more.The lady asked for my passport,and looked at me worried and wonder if I was okey.”Yeah,everything is fine, I just said goodbye to my boyfriend” I said!”Where is he?”,”There”- I said and pointed up.So calm,so beautiful.Frustrated she asked me -“why can’t he come?” “We both have to go home”.She almost cried too.. wished me luck.

2 hours flight,and a taxi trip later, I arrived back in Indo in the night,still with tears,I could not stop.I`m sure if I was Whitney Houston I would had run out of that plane too.For the last 5 months I have been with my best friend everyday,many of them for 24/7 and now he was gone….























Indo- the land of cheap!

I woke up in fresh white sheets,proper shower and a breakfast waiting downstairs,then it dawned to me,this is Asia and Australia was now going to be a memory,I was on my way back home,and it stressed me a little,but I diden`t have time to plan my future,I was busy being in the present.

We where backpacking in the hot busy small streets of Kuta,where everyone wants your`e attention.We where here for a couple of days just to sort out some papers and to do some shopping with special prizes just for us. Dinner and drinks on a rooftop viewing the craziness.

Our plan was to travel a little around Bali before we went to travel some more around Indo,maybe Sulawesi,Flores,planing as we go.Rented some scooters and headed to Padang Padang.So there I was on a scooter,like a turtle,(not the ninja one)highway and crazy traffic,scared of the hundreds of bikers and cars coming from everywhere,no rules just hunk and drive.I was holding on to the bag with my legs,constantly tipping my broken mirror back into place,while trying to keep an eye on my chilean pro rider and to figure out which direction to take.Also my helmet was blowing 5 cm above my head in the air.I felt really cool,like I saw myself from above.

Traveling and managing on you´re own is the way, it gives you feeling of freedom.I was lucky to travel with the best tour guide ever,my Chilean,who had been traveling in Indo before.He took me to this beautiful warung on Bingin beach,where I had the view of the sea from my bed.This was our home for the next few days,while planning our travels.Here we where going to explore the paradise,enjoy each other,and I was going to try to surf again.

On our way to see the sunset at the famous monkey temple,I was just overtaking some locals that I thought where going to slow,so nice to drive without all the luggage! And suddenly I was just kissing the asphalt.No,fuck I have my camera on my shoulders!I just lay there,facing down.Diden`t want to realize what just happened,so embarrassed!I heard my chilean running and shouting my name! ANNKI!Fuck.I turned around,then I saw my legs,missing some skin in parts,but my kneecap had a deep hole.I felt like crying,this would take a trip to the hospital and some time to recover!

My chilean was taking me to the hospital on his bike,pain in legs and arms,covered with blod, stones and dirt,but a smile on my face from watching one of the biggest and beautiful sunset ever!So big so orange,setting just in the hill in front of us.

After a few stitches,and some painkillers later,I had to walk down the many hundred stairs to our paradise down on the beach!Witch was hell.Then I was stuck in heaven,on a beautiful beach,with good helpful neighbours and a boyfriend who nursed me.Life could be worse.It was harder for him I think,being held captured by conscience,but he is never the one to complain.He bought a surf board,and surfed everyday.

After days in bed,I was moving a little bit,painful,but it was even more painful not to.We got to enjoy the sweetness of Padang Padang,Uluwatu and surroundings.He took me on his bike,finally got to see the monkey temple,drinks at single fin with stunning view of the sun setting in the waves of Uluwatu.He carried me over his shoulder to a dinner date with set tables at the beachfront,Diva me diden´t like the food!,So after this he went for a Indo style quarter pounder,which I got served in bed! My Hero!

10 days in that warung and it was time to move.Still a little handicapped but I could not wait any longer.With help carrying my backpack,and with many breaks we made it to Ubud.It tickled in my knee when I was looking down on the asphalt,but I still enjoyed it.The warm breeze on your`e skin,passing through beautiful spots and culture,super cheap meal in local bamboos hut,while watching sunsets in the rice fields.Delicious Nasi Goreng and Arrack,a distilled alcoholic drink typically produced in South Aisa.Great food,lovely people!

Ubud is a town of culture,great food, drinks,yoga,music,markets,beautiful buildings and old temples,gardens and people.Easy life,just enjoying the days.Visiting the famous rice fields in Tegalalang,so special,so beautiful,so GREEN!I was limping around,a real tagalonlong!And the monkey forest,more monkeys than trees,cute but annoying,such monkeybehavior!

Visited Nusa Lembongan,Canggu,and some other places on the way,it was limited what activities I could do, not much really,but there was boat rides on crystal clear water,enjoying sunsets in the beach, visiting restaurants,playing cards,walking local streets,visiting tempels ,having fantastic cocktails with views,if we got restless,we got back on to our bikes to find a new spot to explore.

And so where the days of OUR life for the rest of the stay in Bali,exploring and enjoying.Proper tourists.Canggu,was our home for a few days,which is a small place with a huge black beach,good surf,lovely beach restaurants and bars.Everyone is living the easy life of surf,sun and scoters.Scoters everywhere,small nice streets full of nice clothing shops,and small cafe`s,with delicious cakes,sandwiches and smoothies.The party has really good vibes also,why woulden´t it, everyone is happy!This is apparently the mecca for young European surfers.

It was Pedro our helpful neighbor from Peru who tipped me about Meddewi,said it was nice to surf there,which it was,according to my chilean.Me,myself went on a road trip on my scooter trough the local rice fields,it was so peaceful and a beautiful.The locals was really exiting when a tourist came for a visit.They diden´t have much,but they where so happy,and to share with them for just a short time,makes you feel as happy as them,for no reason.I just run in to three kids playing in the streets,parked my bike and photographed them,they thought it was so much fun,And this old lady,who I met out in the rice field,we where best friends,sitting in the field with our feet in the water,laughing,and sharing.We had a great time and conversation,and we diden`t even speak the same language.

After three relaxing amazing weeks we got Back to crazy Kuta to return our bikes and we where off to Singapore!


































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Life is a Mission!

It was a mission but finally,there I was,living in beautiful Mission beach,just across the road from the palm beach,trough a banana farm,into the rainforest.In a shared house,where our living room and kitchen had no walls,just blending with the nature as birds landed on my head while eating cereal by the kitchen table.How randomly amazing.!I was shearing with my Chilean,a few Aussies,some other funny characters,two pony’s,some sheep’s,lots of beautiful land,and couple of staff´s who after a while become TWELVE!I was swimming in Puppies!

Mission beach is located just between Cairns and Townsville in Queensland Australia,it might be a little place and seem boring to some who is just passing through with the grey hound bus!But Mission is a hidden paradise,you want to have time to explore this place,there are many beautiful hikes to do,that would take you through desolate beaches,cliffs,rocks,rainforest,hills and river.You can spot beautiful butterflies in streams,lizards,snakes,wild parrots,swim with big sea turtles,and spot crocks if you are lucky,I only saw the traces,while I was hiking alone and swimming where the river conect´s to the sea,stupid ignorance Norwegian!!                                        

Working as a waitress in a 5 star resort ritually ON the beach,it has an open restaurant and a blinding view.Folding napkins at the bar was a pleasure.Meeting guest from all over the world,giving tips about Mission as I was a local.It was amazing to me,to live like a local and to call this tropical place my home.

My Chilean was working aswell,in the Tully river,but we where lucky to have many days off together to play and explore the areas.Driving around in his car to the tables land where the weather is a bit colder but where you can swim in the waterfalls,in freezing cold water.Kayaking over to the beautiful Dunk Island,just spend the day enjoying the beach,beautiful nature and wild life.Bingil bay,a small little place next to mission,having the beaches all to our self,playing beachfotball,badminton,skating the streets,at lest he did!.3 dollars drinks at the local pubs,and late night bonfire at the beach.And swimming in the moonshine!

I was doing some freelancing in a hair salon aswell,and the owner was cool enough to let me ride his horses at the beach.Hard to describe that feeling,but it´s like freedom to me,galloping in full speed,connecting with the movements of the horse,the warm summer breeze is playing in you´re hair,salty water splashes youre skin,and the view of no ending palm beaches just makes youre eyes smile.

Just living this easy life in Mission with a state of ridiculous happiness,I now can relate to the saying “No, worries mate!” and why see how Australians is so layback.

While biking in the rainforest we also met a Cassowary mama with her baby.A southern Cassowary,its only to be found in the tropical forest in northeastern Australia,New Guinea,and some Islands nearby.So it´s quite a special experience to have met one.I`ve seen many,the bird is quite ugly to be honest,but its special because it’s an extant species,the third tallest and the second heaviest bird in the world.

After 3 moths in this little paradise,we where ready for some new adventure.And this time we decided to leave together.My visa of work and travels in Australia was about to expire,and I could not belive how fast this year has gone.So much different things I have experienced,so many different places I have been,so many souls I have met,many new things I have learned,I`m so grateful for everything,and it sure was bittersweet to leave,but one day I will return!

Until next time Straya!
















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Should I stay or should I go?

It felt like I left this place yesterday,but here I was on the couch at my Bondi mate’s again.

I was out job hunting in the streets of Sydney,but found myself running at the famous Coogee walk, swimming at the iceberg`s,shopping at the marked,eating in china town,drinking in bars,chilling at the beach,walking in the park and hanging with friends.I was following my plan even though I knew that the plan had already changed.

I was at serious interviews with awesome high-class salons,and they where talking about sponsorships,but my heart was not in it anymore.My mind was in mission beach,running side by side with the palms,trough a stream of butterflies.

Sydney is an awesome place,a bit of everything for sure!And my life there could be pretty sweet,but I was confused… as the streets of Bondi where getting colder I was walking around wondering,is it just that I miss the good warm weather and the beaches?The life of travels and freedom?Or did I really grow a strong relationship to my friend in 3 weeks?

I didn’t find the answer to that,but I knew I wanted to go back,so I did!After just four days back in Sydney,I found myself on a flight back up to Cairns,with no plan,no work and almost no money,but ridiculously happy!

After soaking up some sun and just enjoying my little bubble of happiness,I was dragging all of my belongings out of the tiny cubicle in the free showers at the lagoons,all fresh and ready for my Mission.

“Taxiii” he shouted and opened up the back door and put my luggage in there!Happy to be together again we went straight to the beach,made a bonfire and enjoyed a few beers in the moonrise!Salud!

The next days followed with sunny days at the beach,running between the palms,champagne on a Tuesday,teaching me to long board,play ping pong,hiking,lazy day´s at the pool,creative writing,and just lot´s of laughs and spending time with my good friend,in a state of perfect happiness.

But it didn’t seem to last,after 2 weeks of job-hunting,with still no luck.It was challenging in this small place in the low season.I couldn’t afford to wait anymore,so I took a job up on Thursday Island,a 2 hours flight from Cairns,where the pay was good and accommodation included,the employer even cover my flight up there.

The goodbyes were getting harder,sad to have to leave the Chilean again,and to not know when or if we would see each other again.

Flying over the great barrier reef,what a view!Felt like Nirvana with soft tunes in my ear soaking in all my experiences of this beautiful journey.So exited going to this little Island with no expectations at all.Arriving the at the airport another passenger stepped over to me and said “Hi you’re new here,right?” wow, how small is this Island,I thought.A bus trip and a boat ride later,I stood on a beach outside a salon with all my stuff just overwhelmed by this beauty on this Island.It’s quite a contrast from the grey view from the salon in the city in Norway.

My accommodation was in the back of the salon like a brand new hotel room with a kitchen.After sleeping in small couches with cockroaches,in cramped tents, and in the back of a car for the last 3 months I was thrilled by the queen size bed with two soft pillows all to my self!!And after a long hot shower in my own big luxury bathroom I slept like a baby.

“Morning, susie styles, Anki speaking”! I was going to manage this salon while the owner was going to be in Cairns opening up her second salon,leaving in late June.

So there I was again pretending to know shit I had no clue about!Cutting afro american hair,straightening Afros,bleaching from black to yellow,styling with tons of oil and gel.But the clients was easy to please and I sure did enjoy it.

Interesting characters for sure,always are!The stories from the life of an old man,making the 30 minutes in the barber cheer too short.You could almost read the history in the lines of his face!Dark skin and such a light grey afros.The landlord/handyman who was told to rest after a heart attack,but worked harder than all of us,every day he was pretending to be shocked by my beauty,crazy old man!The grandmas with an attitude,just like as one of Eddie Murphy’s characters in The nutty profesor.And mr.Green of course,the Gartner at the hotel bar,or Gandalf the grey, as I see him.He lived on the neighbor Island and came over with his dingy a few days a week.Suzie herself,my boss,the women with a heart of gold.

The Island is an Island of the Torres straight Island and its called Waiben in the native language Creole, it’s about 3,5 square kilometers and has a population of around 2,600. So it didn’t take me long to explore,took me less then an hour to run around the whole thing,a big contrast to all the miles of no ending beaches in rest of Australia.

Most of the population there was indigenous,many people were introverted,but among themselves they where like a big family,xoxo gossip girl!!The culture up here was quite different and so was I to many of them,to someone I was just air and to others I was fresh meat.

I was working long hours,making and saving good money, and in my free time I was walking around this beauty of an Island,running,practicing long boarding,going to the local gym, lifting with the big guys,and drinking whiskey at the bar with the grandmas.It was a tropical life,chilled,smooth reggae and barefoot.

Sweet Suzie took me out on Friday Island for a visit to Gandalf the grey.He stranded close to the island with his sailboat many years back,and since then he has lived there in his beautiful shack that he built himself.He does not pay anything to live,he has the Island to himself,showers in rainwater,his toilet is just in the bush,and he grows his own plants!I almost thought that this people only lived in the movies!But there I was sharing a wine with Gandalf while he was teaching me about Facebook!”Did you know how easily you can share pictures in here?,this is unbelievable” I agreed!

After 5 weeks up in TI,missing the Chilean everyday,I now got an interview at a resort and I´ve saved enough money,so between boredom in a tiny Island and longing for my friend,I was headed back to Mission… Again!

I felt bad letting her down. But I had to think in myself,as my time in this country was limited.

Its been a great time at TI,I smiled the whole way back over the great barrier reef,appreciating all the nice people I was lucky to meet,people who reminded me that kindness is the key to happiness,I will never forget my time living on a tropical Island,it was a special place of easy living.No worries at all mate!

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Para-para- P A R A D I S E!

When we arrived  Airlie beach we swapped the car with a sailboat for a couple of days,and we where in heaven,more precisely Whitehaven beach!Sparkeling bubbles in my glass,quietly sliding on green crystal clear wather,into a sunset so spectacular,the softest tunes in youre ears,sharing moment´s with beautiful souls,makes your´e insides sparkle too…

We started that morning waking up still drunk,or at least I think the Chilean guy became drunk from smelling my breath,we`ve overslept,and I felt like I was in that one scene in Home Alone.We didn’t even know for sure where the wharf was,we where running with the bags who I packed in the blind,asking people for directions while jogging,trying not to trow up,luckily some locals knew about this boat.We bearly made it in time,down by the boat Rain was welcoming us,in person and in the sky as they where about to depart.He had dreads, a ring in his nose, some tats, casual t-shirt and shorts.Rain lived his life in Airlie beach atm,trying to earn some money by sailing with this captain,he was the crew,and the chef.Good life he said,leaning back with his feet up,slightly holding the helm with one hand and smoking a rollie with the other.

The hangover disappeared as soon as the face hit the water,snorkeling is good medicine,and great barrier reef is not a bad place for it.Just chillin overlooking a life of colorful fishes and reef and other creatures.One creature was wearing a big black suit because of all the dangerous Jelly fish,Irukandji,not as bad as the box jelly fish who can kill a grown man within 2 minutes.But the Irukandji is so small,almost impossible to see,and it can easily pass true the stinger net that the Aussies put up for swimming.The sting can give you shooting pain in the chest and muscles,vomiting and anxiety,and it can lead to rapid raise in blood pressure and heart failure!So it was ok walking around feeling like a fat Tomb rider!

I was fighting my feelings for the chilean guy,I was not sure if I could trust my feelings and I wanted this trip to be about me,and I did not want to complicate things.But it’s almost impossible,its like refusing to live in the moment,I did it for a while and he respected that,like a gentleman,maybe that made me like him even more and finally I gave in.Just a little ..

I took a break from my photography,I was too busy just being in the moment.Neither did I have my phone or any connection or responsibility to the rest of the world,well I did but I chose to ignore it.I was on a drug,I lived so much in the present, in my travels,and sharing it with the most beautiful soul,constantly butterflies in my belly,chills on my body and a big smile on my face,I have never had so many reasons for happiness at once,overdose!

As a kid I was a big daydreamer,I was enjoying my own company just living in a dream world,and I remember looking forward to go to bed because then I could just dream.My dreams may have changed since then but never stopped.I use much of my time to just daydream,just random soft happiness maybe not unrealistic but almost impossible to have come true,at least that’s what I was told.Many people think that Im to old for that now,so I keept most of my dreams to myself,so nobody could crush them.But this journey, of happiness in paradise is a dream coming true,and sometimes I just sit in it and smile.

I watched the landscape change from the car seat,and the further north we came the hotter and more humid it was,stopping for a swim on beautiful beaches,laughing,conversations,playing,walking through cities,buying fruits in the marked,everything was so simple, traveling like this I didn’t need much,or many.I was just happy to share moments with my new friend.We where a good team.And as we got closer to the town of sugar,things got sweeter.

Paradise after paradise,we arrived late on night in Mission Beach,little did I know that this place would live up to its name.My first meeting with this place was peeing in a garden outside a private house,with company of a kangaroo,while the Chilean guy was waiting in the car in the middle of the road,I had no choice,I got a urinary infection so painful that I almost cryied.Moust girls probably knows what I`m talking about,it was constantly burning pain and I had to go every 10 minutes,perfect when you are roadtrippin!

This place really is a paradise,it has the most beautiful beach ever,and I’ve seen many.I was running there almost every day,trough a stream of blue butterflies crossing over to the Island,it was hard to stop smiling.The sand is so wide and flat,and there is palms as long as your eye can see.We where planning on staying here for 2 days but ended up staying 5,hiking the rainforest,kayaking to the private Islands,enjoying the beach,it sure was bittersweet to leave.But only for a few days for the Chilean guy,Mission was going to be his neighborhood as he got some work in the Tully river, just 30 minutes away.Lucky basterd!

2 hours further north and a big final party later we where laying in the grass on the lagoons in Cairns,I felt like 14 just rolling around,being silly,laughing and both joking about me not leaving.I don’t think he knew that I seriously thought about staying.But I had a plan,I was going back to Sydney,Bondi.Borrow my friend´s apartment for a whole month and find a job with sponsorship so I could extend my stay in Australia for at least two more years,this was about me!

The chilean guy drove me to the airport,I knew this was coming,but I think I forgot about it,busy being  in the present.It’s hard to say goodbye when you’re having the best time and when you realize you have found such a good friend,and you don’t even know when you will see each other again,or if you ever do.I hate goodbyes,I don’t belive in them,I think they are for when somebody dies.

He gave me a big long hug,like the one I got unexpectedly at the gas station somewhere in Brisbane. His hugs make me feel things I`m not sure of,and that makes me wanna have it more.He reached out his hand and there he was giving me the feathers from the car.That was like diamonds for me!

It was a confusing flight,and the sorrow I felt both surprised and scared me at ones.In times like that it feels so good to see a good friend´s face at the airport happily picking you up.My Bondi buddy saves me again!

I was ready for another chapter!







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