If youre life turns to shit, make a compost out of it!

After seeing a bit of the west, and working for 6 weeks in the middle of nowhere, I was ready to take of again, it was the end of February and I was super exited. I’ve been staying with my boss house for free and in return I have folded a grown mans underpants, pretending how to cook, being child friendly and even a little bit Christian.

I’ve saved up some money,and I wanted to see more of the real Australia and therefore go on the road, so I decided to by my own car. But if I did that, it would put me back on a very low travel budget again.But when I want something, I usually just do it no matter what. So I did! I bought a beautiful big white Pajero, with lots of space for my travel mates and me.

On my way to Perth, to meet the other travelers and start the journey, the car stopped! Are you fucking kidding me !!! In the middle of nowhere, and my french travel mate keeps texting me ´”where are you??” “I’m in Hell!”

At first I was frustrated, then pissed off, mostly at myself! It was like flushing down all my hard made money from Kojonup in the toilet. Waste of time and now I was stuck in Perth.At one point I felt like such a failure, with all my money gone, no transport, a car who is keeping me from leaving and nowhere to stay. But Samwise Gamgee, as I like to think of him, turned it all around and made me think differently. That was my silver lining, to meet Sam and his friends, who let me stay at their house while I sorted this out, such kind people.

When everything seems to turn into shit,it’s important to not use all you’re energy on that, to change focus and appreciate all the good thing that happens at the same time,otherwise you will miss it! I have a car in my driveway, who want start either, he said, we can make this a cemetery for cars, he laughed so his ice cubes in his glass shaked.

I found a travelshare to continue my travel trough the Nullarbor plains,so I left my shit in Morley with my new friends, and they helped me sell the car later on. And think about it, I just new those people for a week, and yet they did all this for me, and I really felt i had some good trustworthy friends

Heading South from Perth trough the Nullarbor, I’m in the passenger seat now and I’m already finding it hard to not do things my way. I’m listening to a Vietnamese american singing his heart out to Christina Aguilera, and in the backseat a young german girl is talking on the phone in loud german.

He didn’t want to rush things, he wanted to travel and see things, but when you’re stopping every 20 min, look at EVERY beaches, stones, look outs, stupid tourist stuff, stop in the middle of the road to make dinner in just a dry bush,it’s not fun anymore. I was on a tourist train!

The German and I manage to speed him up a little bit, and made sure we cut out all the tourist shit and did some fun stuff. I’m pretty sure we would not be friends if it wasn’t for this trip, cause we where all so different. I get bored easily, and I’m  not easy to deal with then, I get fuzzy. but then again, I’m also easy-going, so I’ll always find my way.

Most importantly I saw some awesome stuff from Perth, down south to Albany, trough the nullarbor, all the way to Adelaide. The american Vietnamese had planned 12-14 days but it took us 7 days. I got to go for a very memorable run on the Esperance, feed wild kangaroos,climbed some small mountain tops, played in the sand dunes,chilled in huge trees, got to sit on the edge of the bunda cliffs, wich I remember googled back in Norway, thinking; I wanna go there! for no other reason then just that, and I did!! We slept in the car every night, in gumtree forests with Emu’s running around.Trough the Nullarbor it’s not much, but that’s wats so nice, it’s just open plains with almost no bush, and just this very straight road cutting trough nothing but beautiful pink and purple sunsets, it was a great experience.

This man was so kind, so kind that I almost felt sorry for him,but he was too organized,I guess he wanted it his way too.                                                                                                                                                   We got straight from one week on the road to Barrosso hills, the wine district. Wine tasting of Jacobs creek, the wine I usually buy back home in Norway, Winery looked amazing, I did not!… a trailer trash out on the veranda in the sun sipping the bobles.

With that I said  goodbye to my travelmates, its been great after all, we had some good laughs and now I was at a hostel in Adelaide,ready to explore a new city.
















I really dont want to go home, there is too much to see…




  1. Martha i farta · August 7, 2015

    Wow det er pent der nede!


  2. Ads · August 8, 2015

    cool bud very cool keep it going


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