WWW. where, when and where?

Suddenly I was in Adelaide, again without a plan..

I was exploring Adelaide with a french guy who I met in Perth, Adelaide is also nice,but just another city, with dining, drinking and shopping, which after a few days gets boring.I was in a hostel for a few days to  have internet access to finish my internet page and figure out a new plan.

I finished my Internet page ( http://www.actphotographie.com/ ) among singing Italians, teenagers, annoying hostel staff, and now it was time to move. I was on my way to Aldinga outside of Adelaide to stay with a local, he picked me up at the train station and it was like meeting an old friend, we talked constantly, and he took me straight to a wildlife zoo, where we had fun feeding the kangaroos, koalas and parrots.And I met the Playboy bunny, read; albino kangaroo.                                                    Next we where of to a little cozy private brewery, where we tasted all the different sorts of beer, which the owner pored and talked about as it was gold. He met his wife traveling and they studied together so they could have a small brewery, now they live together, work together, and they travel together with their kids, so I would say they are living their life together.                 How amazing is it to wake up in the morning and start the day with having a walk on a deserted bach, with such high cliffs surrounding?  just saying!                                                                                                                                                            Main reason for coming to Adelaide was to go to Kangaroo Island, that was the mission. After a few days I had no luck in finding someone who had the same plans as me, and to go there on my own got too expensive, so next day I found myself sitting among 30 retired people on a tourist bus to the ferry… what have I signed up for!?                                                           On the ferry there was more oldies, local redneck people,truck drivers, alcoholics,kids family’s, and of course some asian tourists.I saw a girl at my age in the cafe que, but she disappered.Arriving KI and my hostel was no better, I felt I was in an old home. But luckily the girl from the ferry, was in my room, so at least we had each other, going to the local bar who of course is a typical Australian hotel bar with carpets and hospital lighting. Not much people there, but cant expect much from a city with 300 citizens.                                                                                                                                                                              Rented a car on KI,and went for a long drive on my own,saw some amazing beaches, landscape, heaps of kangaroos, and did some good photography.When I got back Clint Eastwood was  cooking me a free meal in is trailer, I never told him but I swear he looked just like him.                                                                                                                                                                  The next day I was on a stupid tourist bus,and next to me was this arabic guy in his 40`s with his camouflage suit on, we diden`t speak one word the whole trip.At one point I was worried he would hijack the whole bus!                                                                                                                                                                                                        There was mostly people travelling in par or in groups, retired people, old people having trouble walking, Asians having trouble stop taking pictures. We drove around to the most scenic places on the Island, got like 20 minutes to experience places and take photos before departure again. 80 people on and of the bus, 80 people in the toilet, 80 people eating and 80 people fighting to stand closest.It was a day of waiting, and it was impossible to take a photo without getting a german family in the picture. I kept mostly to myself,It’s not exactly my way of experience places, it was the worst money spend ever!At least I got to meet some wild sea lions,just a few steps away. (untill the tourist guide told me to back off!!)heaps of lazy koalas and kangaroos,some awesome cliffs that takes youre breath away, but are you going to KI for photos, go in the winter, the summer dries everything up,apparently the south coast  is the driest part in Australia.                                                                             Late check out of my hostel back in Adelaide, I found myself in a public toilet, with all my luggage, dry shaving my legs in the sink and covering up my bleach spots on my t-shirt with a pen! I felt like Julia Roberts in pretty woman!                                        I was getting ready to go to Glenelg, beach suburb of Adelaide, beautiful sunset on the beach, palms, small streets with nice restaurants and bars,enjoying with good company from the Netherlands and France. If it wasnt for my KI trip, I would never have met my good friend from the Netherlands, wich I’m so happy I did.                                                                                     After two days we where on our way to the airport, she was going Brisbane, and I was going to Sydney, to stay with my friend at Bondi, while I planned a trip up the east coast.                                                                                                                    Airport company is always appreciated! After we had swallowed our McDonald meal, we where sitting in the boarding area, talking shit, waiting to board and say goodbye, I was talking about the differences between  movies and real life when it comes to travelling with plane.In the movies  you always have a cute guy in the seat next to you, and maybe you are hitting it off, or at least the flight is untertaining.In real life that never happens, it’s either a fat guy, sitting in half of youre seat, smelly people, people chewing gum,screaming baby’s,annoying kids, people who snores, are too drunk or just totally uninteresting. A random guy standing right behind us, heard all this, but neither of us care as we where sitting on gate 24 and was boarding on 22 and 26,so didn’t matter. But as I was going to board my plane as the last person, this guy walk over to gate 22 aswell, and YES, he is the person sitting next to me on the plane!

First time me and my Bondi mate met, I was a couchsurfer and he welcomed me to stay on his couch the same day I asked him, he kinda saved me from another bad couch. Since then we have been good friends, and he has always been there for me during my stay in Australia.I had a reunion with Bondi, my run at the cliffs, Sydney city, and good friends,good to be back but I was not there to stay.                                                                                                                                                                   Even though you are traveling on your own in Australia, it doesn’t mean that you are traveling alone(that was to my mum), it’s so easy to find, travelmates, ride share, people with the same plans. You have Gumtree, facebook groups, or you just meet them randomly out and about. I had an ad out on Gumtree, saying I was looking for someone with a car who had the same plans as me, and the respond was too much, so many calls, mails, and texts, from people with no social antennas what so ever, asking me if I could be their girlfriend on this trip, or offering me a job as a private dancer!? After meeting with a drunk guy in a bar in his 50`s, two german guys with no plan what so ever, no meaning, no english, nothing,and answering so many weirdos I was now meeting an 28-year-old chilean guy in Sydney, who were easy-going and chilled he said.Honestly I was tired of meeting people, and my expectations was so low.                                                                                                                                      He was walking towards me, introducing himself with no smile, he was looking in my eyes, then down at my big herpes on my lip, then my breasts. The blister again, then my breast.After spending a few hours together, he seemed alright and YES he was chilled.I was just tired of the search and so ready to go, so two days later he picked me up at Bondi, and I throw all my shit into a Toyota station wagon from 92, and we where off.                                                                                                                       It’s hard to explain it, but everyone should experience the feeling of freedom you feel when a suitcase is all you own, and you are driving to a destination you’re not sure of, for who knows how long, with somebody completely stranger. No expectations, no time limit, no worries mate!!

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