Para-para- P A R A D I S E!

When we arrived  Airlie beach we swapped the car with a sailboat for a couple of days,and we where in heaven,more precisely Whitehaven beach!Sparkeling bubbles in my glass,quietly sliding on green crystal clear wather,into a sunset so spectacular,the softest tunes in youre ears,sharing moment´s with beautiful souls,makes your´e insides sparkle too…

We started that morning waking up still drunk,or at least I think the Chilean guy became drunk from smelling my breath,we`ve overslept,and I felt like I was in that one scene in Home Alone.We didn’t even know for sure where the wharf was,we where running with the bags who I packed in the blind,asking people for directions while jogging,trying not to trow up,luckily some locals knew about this boat.We bearly made it in time,down by the boat Rain was welcoming us,in person and in the sky as they where about to depart.He had dreads, a ring in his nose, some tats, casual t-shirt and shorts.Rain lived his life in Airlie beach atm,trying to earn some money by sailing with this captain,he was the crew,and the chef.Good life he said,leaning back with his feet up,slightly holding the helm with one hand and smoking a rollie with the other.

The hangover disappeared as soon as the face hit the water,snorkeling is good medicine,and great barrier reef is not a bad place for it.Just chillin overlooking a life of colorful fishes and reef and other creatures.One creature was wearing a big black suit because of all the dangerous Jelly fish,Irukandji,not as bad as the box jelly fish who can kill a grown man within 2 minutes.But the Irukandji is so small,almost impossible to see,and it can easily pass true the stinger net that the Aussies put up for swimming.The sting can give you shooting pain in the chest and muscles,vomiting and anxiety,and it can lead to rapid raise in blood pressure and heart failure!So it was ok walking around feeling like a fat Tomb rider!

I was fighting my feelings for the chilean guy,I was not sure if I could trust my feelings and I wanted this trip to be about me,and I did not want to complicate things.But it’s almost impossible,its like refusing to live in the moment,I did it for a while and he respected that,like a gentleman,maybe that made me like him even more and finally I gave in.Just a little ..

I took a break from my photography,I was too busy just being in the moment.Neither did I have my phone or any connection or responsibility to the rest of the world,well I did but I chose to ignore it.I was on a drug,I lived so much in the present, in my travels,and sharing it with the most beautiful soul,constantly butterflies in my belly,chills on my body and a big smile on my face,I have never had so many reasons for happiness at once,overdose!

As a kid I was a big daydreamer,I was enjoying my own company just living in a dream world,and I remember looking forward to go to bed because then I could just dream.My dreams may have changed since then but never stopped.I use much of my time to just daydream,just random soft happiness maybe not unrealistic but almost impossible to have come true,at least that’s what I was told.Many people think that Im to old for that now,so I keept most of my dreams to myself,so nobody could crush them.But this journey, of happiness in paradise is a dream coming true,and sometimes I just sit in it and smile.

I watched the landscape change from the car seat,and the further north we came the hotter and more humid it was,stopping for a swim on beautiful beaches,laughing,conversations,playing,walking through cities,buying fruits in the marked,everything was so simple, traveling like this I didn’t need much,or many.I was just happy to share moments with my new friend.We where a good team.And as we got closer to the town of sugar,things got sweeter.

Paradise after paradise,we arrived late on night in Mission Beach,little did I know that this place would live up to its name.My first meeting with this place was peeing in a garden outside a private house,with company of a kangaroo,while the Chilean guy was waiting in the car in the middle of the road,I had no choice,I got a urinary infection so painful that I almost cryied.Moust girls probably knows what I`m talking about,it was constantly burning pain and I had to go every 10 minutes,perfect when you are roadtrippin!

This place really is a paradise,it has the most beautiful beach ever,and I’ve seen many.I was running there almost every day,trough a stream of blue butterflies crossing over to the Island,it was hard to stop smiling.The sand is so wide and flat,and there is palms as long as your eye can see.We where planning on staying here for 2 days but ended up staying 5,hiking the rainforest,kayaking to the private Islands,enjoying the beach,it sure was bittersweet to leave.But only for a few days for the Chilean guy,Mission was going to be his neighborhood as he got some work in the Tully river, just 30 minutes away.Lucky basterd!

2 hours further north and a big final party later we where laying in the grass on the lagoons in Cairns,I felt like 14 just rolling around,being silly,laughing and both joking about me not leaving.I don’t think he knew that I seriously thought about staying.But I had a plan,I was going back to Sydney,Bondi.Borrow my friend´s apartment for a whole month and find a job with sponsorship so I could extend my stay in Australia for at least two more years,this was about me!

The chilean guy drove me to the airport,I knew this was coming,but I think I forgot about it,busy being  in the present.It’s hard to say goodbye when you’re having the best time and when you realize you have found such a good friend,and you don’t even know when you will see each other again,or if you ever do.I hate goodbyes,I don’t belive in them,I think they are for when somebody dies.

He gave me a big long hug,like the one I got unexpectedly at the gas station somewhere in Brisbane. His hugs make me feel things I`m not sure of,and that makes me wanna have it more.He reached out his hand and there he was giving me the feathers from the car.That was like diamonds for me!

It was a confusing flight,and the sorrow I felt both surprised and scared me at ones.In times like that it feels so good to see a good friend´s face at the airport happily picking you up.My Bondi buddy saves me again!

I was ready for another chapter!







2015-04-22 13.54.18








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