Should I stay or should I go?

It felt like I left this place yesterday,but here I was on the couch at my Bondi mate’s again.

I was out job hunting in the streets of Sydney,but found myself running at the famous Coogee walk, swimming at the iceberg`s,shopping at the marked,eating in china town,drinking in bars,chilling at the beach,walking in the park and hanging with friends.I was following my plan even though I knew that the plan had already changed.

I was at serious interviews with awesome high-class salons,and they where talking about sponsorships,but my heart was not in it anymore.My mind was in mission beach,running side by side with the palms,trough a stream of butterflies.

Sydney is an awesome place,a bit of everything for sure!And my life there could be pretty sweet,but I was confused… as the streets of Bondi where getting colder I was walking around wondering,is it just that I miss the good warm weather and the beaches?The life of travels and freedom?Or did I really grow a strong relationship to my friend in 3 weeks?

I didn’t find the answer to that,but I knew I wanted to go back,so I did!After just four days back in Sydney,I found myself on a flight back up to Cairns,with no plan,no work and almost no money,but ridiculously happy!

After soaking up some sun and just enjoying my little bubble of happiness,I was dragging all of my belongings out of the tiny cubicle in the free showers at the lagoons,all fresh and ready for my Mission.

“Taxiii” he shouted and opened up the back door and put my luggage in there!Happy to be together again we went straight to the beach,made a bonfire and enjoyed a few beers in the moonrise!Salud!

The next days followed with sunny days at the beach,running between the palms,champagne on a Tuesday,teaching me to long board,play ping pong,hiking,lazy day´s at the pool,creative writing,and just lot´s of laughs and spending time with my good friend,in a state of perfect happiness.

But it didn’t seem to last,after 2 weeks of job-hunting,with still no luck.It was challenging in this small place in the low season.I couldn’t afford to wait anymore,so I took a job up on Thursday Island,a 2 hours flight from Cairns,where the pay was good and accommodation included,the employer even cover my flight up there.

The goodbyes were getting harder,sad to have to leave the Chilean again,and to not know when or if we would see each other again.

Flying over the great barrier reef,what a view!Felt like Nirvana with soft tunes in my ear soaking in all my experiences of this beautiful journey.So exited going to this little Island with no expectations at all.Arriving the at the airport another passenger stepped over to me and said “Hi you’re new here,right?” wow, how small is this Island,I thought.A bus trip and a boat ride later,I stood on a beach outside a salon with all my stuff just overwhelmed by this beauty on this Island.It’s quite a contrast from the grey view from the salon in the city in Norway.

My accommodation was in the back of the salon like a brand new hotel room with a kitchen.After sleeping in small couches with cockroaches,in cramped tents, and in the back of a car for the last 3 months I was thrilled by the queen size bed with two soft pillows all to my self!!And after a long hot shower in my own big luxury bathroom I slept like a baby.

“Morning, susie styles, Anki speaking”! I was going to manage this salon while the owner was going to be in Cairns opening up her second salon,leaving in late June.

So there I was again pretending to know shit I had no clue about!Cutting afro american hair,straightening Afros,bleaching from black to yellow,styling with tons of oil and gel.But the clients was easy to please and I sure did enjoy it.

Interesting characters for sure,always are!The stories from the life of an old man,making the 30 minutes in the barber cheer too short.You could almost read the history in the lines of his face!Dark skin and such a light grey afros.The landlord/handyman who was told to rest after a heart attack,but worked harder than all of us,every day he was pretending to be shocked by my beauty,crazy old man!The grandmas with an attitude,just like as one of Eddie Murphy’s characters in The nutty profesor.And mr.Green of course,the Gartner at the hotel bar,or Gandalf the grey, as I see him.He lived on the neighbor Island and came over with his dingy a few days a week.Suzie herself,my boss,the women with a heart of gold.

The Island is an Island of the Torres straight Island and its called Waiben in the native language Creole, it’s about 3,5 square kilometers and has a population of around 2,600. So it didn’t take me long to explore,took me less then an hour to run around the whole thing,a big contrast to all the miles of no ending beaches in rest of Australia.

Most of the population there was indigenous,many people were introverted,but among themselves they where like a big family,xoxo gossip girl!!The culture up here was quite different and so was I to many of them,to someone I was just air and to others I was fresh meat.

I was working long hours,making and saving good money, and in my free time I was walking around this beauty of an Island,running,practicing long boarding,going to the local gym, lifting with the big guys,and drinking whiskey at the bar with the grandmas.It was a tropical life,chilled,smooth reggae and barefoot.

Sweet Suzie took me out on Friday Island for a visit to Gandalf the grey.He stranded close to the island with his sailboat many years back,and since then he has lived there in his beautiful shack that he built himself.He does not pay anything to live,he has the Island to himself,showers in rainwater,his toilet is just in the bush,and he grows his own plants!I almost thought that this people only lived in the movies!But there I was sharing a wine with Gandalf while he was teaching me about Facebook!”Did you know how easily you can share pictures in here?,this is unbelievable” I agreed!

After 5 weeks up in TI,missing the Chilean everyday,I now got an interview at a resort and I´ve saved enough money,so between boredom in a tiny Island and longing for my friend,I was headed back to Mission… Again!

I felt bad letting her down. But I had to think in myself,as my time in this country was limited.

Its been a great time at TI,I smiled the whole way back over the great barrier reef,appreciating all the nice people I was lucky to meet,people who reminded me that kindness is the key to happiness,I will never forget my time living on a tropical Island,it was a special place of easy living.No worries at all mate!

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