Indo- the land of cheap!

I woke up in fresh white sheets,proper shower and a breakfast waiting downstairs,then it dawned to me,this is Asia and Australia was now going to be a memory,I was on my way back home,and it stressed me a little,but I diden`t have time to plan my future,I was busy being in the present.

We where backpacking in the hot busy small streets of Kuta,where everyone wants your`e attention.We where here for a couple of days just to sort out some papers and to do some shopping with special prizes just for us. Dinner and drinks on a rooftop viewing the craziness.

Our plan was to travel a little around Bali before we went to travel some more around Indo,maybe Sulawesi,Flores,planing as we go.Rented some scooters and headed to Padang Padang.So there I was on a scooter,like a turtle,(not the ninja one)highway and crazy traffic,scared of the hundreds of bikers and cars coming from everywhere,no rules just hunk and drive.I was holding on to the bag with my legs,constantly tipping my broken mirror back into place,while trying to keep an eye on my chilean pro rider and to figure out which direction to take.Also my helmet was blowing 5 cm above my head in the air.I felt really cool,like I saw myself from above.

Traveling and managing on you´re own is the way, it gives you feeling of freedom.I was lucky to travel with the best tour guide ever,my Chilean,who had been traveling in Indo before.He took me to this beautiful warung on Bingin beach,where I had the view of the sea from my bed.This was our home for the next few days,while planning our travels.Here we where going to explore the paradise,enjoy each other,and I was going to try to surf again.

On our way to see the sunset at the famous monkey temple,I was just overtaking some locals that I thought where going to slow,so nice to drive without all the luggage! And suddenly I was just kissing the asphalt.No,fuck I have my camera on my shoulders!I just lay there,facing down.Diden`t want to realize what just happened,so embarrassed!I heard my chilean running and shouting my name! ANNKI!Fuck.I turned around,then I saw my legs,missing some skin in parts,but my kneecap had a deep hole.I felt like crying,this would take a trip to the hospital and some time to recover!

My chilean was taking me to the hospital on his bike,pain in legs and arms,covered with blod, stones and dirt,but a smile on my face from watching one of the biggest and beautiful sunset ever!So big so orange,setting just in the hill in front of us.

After a few stitches,and some painkillers later,I had to walk down the many hundred stairs to our paradise down on the beach!Witch was hell.Then I was stuck in heaven,on a beautiful beach,with good helpful neighbours and a boyfriend who nursed me.Life could be worse.It was harder for him I think,being held captured by conscience,but he is never the one to complain.He bought a surf board,and surfed everyday.

After days in bed,I was moving a little bit,painful,but it was even more painful not to.We got to enjoy the sweetness of Padang Padang,Uluwatu and surroundings.He took me on his bike,finally got to see the monkey temple,drinks at single fin with stunning view of the sun setting in the waves of Uluwatu.He carried me over his shoulder to a dinner date with set tables at the beachfront,Diva me diden´t like the food!,So after this he went for a Indo style quarter pounder,which I got served in bed! My Hero!

10 days in that warung and it was time to move.Still a little handicapped but I could not wait any longer.With help carrying my backpack,and with many breaks we made it to Ubud.It tickled in my knee when I was looking down on the asphalt,but I still enjoyed it.The warm breeze on your`e skin,passing through beautiful spots and culture,super cheap meal in local bamboos hut,while watching sunsets in the rice fields.Delicious Nasi Goreng and Arrack,a distilled alcoholic drink typically produced in South Aisa.Great food,lovely people!

Ubud is a town of culture,great food, drinks,yoga,music,markets,beautiful buildings and old temples,gardens and people.Easy life,just enjoying the days.Visiting the famous rice fields in Tegalalang,so special,so beautiful,so GREEN!I was limping around,a real tagalonlong!And the monkey forest,more monkeys than trees,cute but annoying,such monkeybehavior!

Visited Nusa Lembongan,Canggu,and some other places on the way,it was limited what activities I could do, not much really,but there was boat rides on crystal clear water,enjoying sunsets in the beach, visiting restaurants,playing cards,walking local streets,visiting tempels ,having fantastic cocktails with views,if we got restless,we got back on to our bikes to find a new spot to explore.

And so where the days of OUR life for the rest of the stay in Bali,exploring and enjoying.Proper tourists.Canggu,was our home for a few days,which is a small place with a huge black beach,good surf,lovely beach restaurants and bars.Everyone is living the easy life of surf,sun and scoters.Scoters everywhere,small nice streets full of nice clothing shops,and small cafe`s,with delicious cakes,sandwiches and smoothies.The party has really good vibes also,why woulden´t it, everyone is happy!This is apparently the mecca for young European surfers.

It was Pedro our helpful neighbor from Peru who tipped me about Meddewi,said it was nice to surf there,which it was,according to my chilean.Me,myself went on a road trip on my scooter trough the local rice fields,it was so peaceful and a beautiful.The locals was really exiting when a tourist came for a visit.They diden´t have much,but they where so happy,and to share with them for just a short time,makes you feel as happy as them,for no reason.I just run in to three kids playing in the streets,parked my bike and photographed them,they thought it was so much fun,And this old lady,who I met out in the rice field,we where best friends,sitting in the field with our feet in the water,laughing,and sharing.We had a great time and conversation,and we diden`t even speak the same language.

After three relaxing amazing weeks we got Back to crazy Kuta to return our bikes and we where off to Singapore!


































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  1. Sandra Nikita · July 26, 2016

    å fy faan, det der så ikke godt ut..altså de såra.
    men resten ❤ åh, jeg er så stolt av deg, at du har fått til så mye, du reiser å ser å opplever å gjør det du altid prata om 🙂 det er balsam for skjela, bare å lese om det.
    hehe, husker alle de planene dine, hvor ofte du snudde opp ned på alt og ombestemte deg. åsså blei du helt forvirra, å nesten litt deppa, fordi du trodde at du aldri skulle få til noe av det.
    Se på deg nå ❤ så hæli 🙂
    stor klem fre langt langt nord :*


    • annkiinstraya · July 26, 2016

      Så koselig at du leser Nikita 🙂 takk for fine ord, Stor klem fra Førde, thihi


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