For something new,something has to end…

Ready to check in at the airport in Denpasar,the Women behind the desk informed me that we had not added any luggage in our booking!(whaat?)So,that would be 240 aus please! Ok,great and we paid 140 for the tickets.The women started to get rude as she notice that I got mad,and I think I yelled something about bad service when she left us.

So the budget travelers where back in Kuta renting bikes again to the scoter lady’s surprise,and we went back to Padang Padang.It was in mid October and the travels was coming closer to the end,well don`t know about the end but our path was separating.His flight departed from Malaysia over to L.A and my flight from Indo to Norway both in end of October.

Since you can only stay for 30 days with tourist visa in Indo,I`m going with him to Malaysia for a few days before I return back for my flight back home.But thanks to ourself for not prepaying our luggage we where not going to travel Singapore,but lucky anyways to get another week to spend on sweet Bali.

Back to the easy life of just enjoying the beaches,nice weather and each other,I felt relived anyway,money saved and Singapore can wait.We actually went back to the warungs in beautiful Bingin.We where just chilling everyday,that feeling when you go to the beach cafe for breakfast and come back in the afternoon.

The last days we moved up from the warung and stayed close to Uluwatu in a nice hotel for some luxury in the last days.Drinking Arack,joining beach party,live music and bonfire,having lots of fun with my Chilean.The next day was the last day,my knee was good and I decided to go with my Chilean to try to surf again.Hangover as fuck.

He was already in the water,I was unsure onshore.My hydrophobia felt bigger this time,maybe because of my hangover.Thinking that the hangover would pass a little once I hit the water I decided to go in.I was alone,and already half way out I felt tired in my arms,the water was deep and the waves was bigger.I was in very bad shape after no running,only smoking for weeks.And my knee!But this was the last day! I was almost out there,I spotted my pro surfer.But the wave smashed me and I panicked,I lost the board,I´m gasping for my breath,and start hyperventilating when I see there is another wave coming!Under water,feels like getting struggled,I thought I was gonna die.Gasping for air again,hyperventilating,scared and embarrassed,a girl was paddling towards me looking a little scared,but I managed to get my board and I paddled back in with the tale between my legs,I gave up!That was my ten minute surf in Bali.

Again we where at the airport,this time traveling with Condor and prepaid luggage,we arrived late in Kuala Lumpur,and the next morning we woke up to a hot grey smelly city. Our first plan was to travel out to the beautiful beaches,but now with only 3-4 days we stayed in this big dirty rat city.Its a jungle of skyscrapers and we went to there to do a little shopping,that to me is tiring.To walk the whole mall a couple of times to find out what you are looking for is in another mall around the block.I mean it´s crazy big!

We where sightseeing the city,the famous Petronas towers,the Batu caves with the huge golden Murugan statue,It is HUGE!All 42 meters! We walked up the 272 steps up the limestone hill while being entertained by a screaming russian lady getting attacked by monkeys.To me,the cave itself is more impressive from the outside than inside,but all in all a nice experience.Tourists!

Malaysia is multicultural,but over 60 percent are muslims.When alone most men where looking at me as meat,smiling and said nasty stuff to me,when in company with my chilean they where looking at me as dirty trash.They have carriage for girls only on the train(?)Standing on the unisex carriage with my Chilean a man looked at me,pointed at me and over to the girl carriage and said its okay,he wanted me to go there.Was it to make it better for me?Or for him and his culture,not sure.

There is not allowed to kiss or touch in public either,again on the train there is prohibited sign for kissing as it is for eating.A couple next to us broke the rule,so I was thinking it was more of a norm,but then a really angry guy came and yelled at them and pointed at the sign,(I moved further away from my chilean).A few minutes after I saw the angry man eating on the train….! Would be fun,but I didn´t want to make troubles.

In between all the traveling,and good times I felt this waves of panic running through my body,just as if it dawned on me again and again that soon I was going to separate with my chilean.

Last night,dressed up,drinks on a rooftop with warm breeze in my hair.We didn´t want to leave each other,he wanted to take me home,but I had a ticket to Norway,and I was out of money and my head was a chaos.

Next morning I was packing again,wondering how many times I have done that,after a while you get pretty good at it!We bought packed,he was going to move to a hostel,and he was taking the bus to the airport with me,it made me happy,to delay the goodbye a bit more.Not sure if it was smart though,it felt like we where as always,traveling together,I had to tell myself several times that I am flying alone again soon,we are going to split up!But pushed it away again and enjoyed the moment.

Another proper goodbye at the airport,I really really hate them.There was a few hours to kill first,we had some food,and then he said it again,I have something for you!(I still have the feathers from the car as my bookmark)Hold out his hand and there he was giving me his green stone,that he love so much.He has been carrying it around his neck through all our travels,and I remember he talked highly of it to me.Apparently it was used by the natives in New Zealand,suppose to have spiritual powers to evoke strength and prosperity,to protect,express love and kinship,and to depict growth and harmony.Yeah, I don’t know how much I believe in all that,but to me its was a part of him,I felt honored.

Suddenly the time run out,it was almost as I could hear Whitney Houston starting singing; “if I should stay..” in my head.We walked together right up to the gate!This was it! I hate clichés,but I couldn`t help it,we hugged,hard!And non of us wanted to let go!I remember thinking,shit I really love him!It was painful to leave him.I started crying,then he cried to.He was so calm,so beautiful,I left him there,that was it,I was already late!

Annki,31 years old,everything I own on my back,1 year abroad,so short time,so many experiences,dreams come true,and new dreams to dream,I was now returning to Norway,crying like a baby in the border control.So embarrassing,jet I could not stop it!I still looked behind me,he was not there anymore.Suddenly for no reason I looked up,and there he was looking down at me through the glass,waving slow with his fingers.I thought he had left,it made me cry more.The lady asked for my passport,and looked at me worried and wonder if I was okey.”Yeah,everything is fine, I just said goodbye to my boyfriend” I said!”Where is he?”,”There”- I said and pointed up.So calm,so beautiful.Frustrated she asked me -“why can’t he come?” “We both have to go home”.She almost cried too.. wished me luck.

2 hours flight,and a taxi trip later, I arrived back in Indo in the night,still with tears,I could not stop.I`m sure if I was Whitney Houston I would had run out of that plane too.For the last 5 months I have been with my best friend everyday,many of them for 24/7 and now he was gone….

























  1. Steven Cuthbert · September 18, 2016

    I still remember the day when your Chilean guy came to pick you up from my place. It was sad to see you go, but Knowing then how important he would be in your life then it would have been easier. Traveling is great, it’s so good for the soul. And when you find someone special along the way it’s even better. Miss ya, mate! You and your Chilean should come visit Melbourne one day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • annkiinstraya · September 18, 2016

      such nice words Steve! I miss you too,we will come for visit for sure! Thanks for reading 🙂


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