The last days of something

I woke up to the sound of quiet,it reminded me of when I was kid and I had my cousin for sleepover for weeks at time,she slept on a madras on the floor next to my bed.Got so use to having her there that for 2-3 mornings after she was gone home,I woke up exited still rolling over looking down from my bed,but there was just an empty floor.The feeling of emptiness.

I don`t belive in long distance relationships,it will be like living to lives and I am scared it will make you lose focus in the present.It was kinda forced to be ended.But still I was not ready to let go…

I dragged myself out of bed and had some breakfast at the porch.The amusement park next door played a song I use to sing with my Chilean,loud over the speakers; “You´re gonna miss me when I`m gone” I was crying and eating rice!What a sight for the neighbors.

I had 4 days in Bali on my own now,to make the most out of it,I had to get out of Kuta,crying I packed my stuff,walked the dusty busy small streets in such a heat,my sweat was dripping.Thank God for cafe`s with wifi and alkohol.I called with one of my good friend back home,we solved some world problems,and things seemed a bit better.

Again back at the lady with the bikes,to her surprise!”What happend?” But just me this time.I got a bike and ride it to Seminyak,to spend my last days in there.

Got a room in a cute bed&and breakfast,so cheap.Driving around checking the place,small streets with all kinds of shops,restaurants and bars,and the beach just right there,long and nice with cheap barbecue places who sold cheap cold beers,and on the other side of the streets,huge luxury hotels,with party pools.

A burger and a few cold at the beach,the locals where inviting me over to their table,where they played guitar and sang beautiful tones,they sang the cup song with me and they made me laugh again.

I got to talk to an Australian lady,she must have been like 60 but she covered it with her long bleached hair,collagen,make up an accessories.She lived in Australia but had a house and a Baliboy here in Seminyak.This was obviously the Mekka for Australian couger`s.The boys where asking me all the time where I lived,and said that they wanted to go home with me,if you ever have a problem with low self- esteem go to Seminyak.

The next day one of the locals was gonna try to teach me how to surf.The beach in Seminyak is perfect for new beginners,it’s quite shallow,the waves is small and it’s not that crowded.I had great fun for a few hours until I crack my knee open again,but at least I finished Bali with being in the water,trying to surf.

Last night,a dress and off to potato head,which is a modern coliseum,with three restaurants,two bars surrounding a nice big lawn,who takes you down to the pool who looks like it connects with the indian ocean.I enjoyed mojito`s while watching the spectacular sunset view. Again bittersweet.

I met a sweet Australian couple who where on their holidays,she was so nice,we exchange some stories and she bought me drinks,that’s a first for me,a girl who is out with her boyfriend buying another girl drinks.After the sun went down it was time for me to go,I was not in the mood for socializing at this stage so I grabbed a pizza and went to bed.

Packed and ready to go,this time back home to Norway!It was early morning on the 26th of October 2015 in Indo,I was on the terrace talking with the Chilean on the phone while watching a couple trying to ride a scooter with a suitcase.We where trying to come up with a plan how to be with each other again through bad wifi.

There I was in a 8 seat private car,off to the airport,the scooter lady hooked me up.I had a long flight in head of me,good time to make some plans for what to do when I get there,but instead my mind was going down the memory lane of my travels that I started a year ago,so many places,spots,souls,creatures,moments,experiences,I can not even explain,but when I look back it feels like this one year had the contents of two,the best decision of my life.

Now I was scared of going home,no plan and all alone again,but the though of reunion with friends and family made me happy.

Next stop Skien!









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