Home sweet home?

I`m driving home for Christmas… It felt just like that,except it was October and I was flying!

The Norwegian cold fresh air hit me,I liked it,the smell,the place,it was just how I left it.One of my best friends met me with her biggest smile.I feel blessed to have friends like this,that no matter how far and how long you go,everything is exactly the same when you talk again,always there for eachother.It`s quite cool to get to have reunions with old friends and family,you appreciate the time together even more.

But then it gets quiet….Lying in the bathtub listening to the silence,soaking in all the experiences.Questening if I appreciated it enough between all the worries and travels.I believe I did,I know I did,it’s just that time stands so still but nevertheless go so fast that suddenly it´s all over and then you find yourself right back where you started.”This was not the plan” “What now?”

Back in Trondheim,at my two old job`s where they where happy to have me back again.And in my girls room at my moms.Lucky to have supporting parents even though they don’t agree with my choice of life.But as soon as I was “settled”,I was ready to leave again… I miss the life as a traveller,being abroad,not knowing what the day will bring,and I missed him,my Chilean!

I had no money to travel with,no house or a steady job,but in this moment I had already made up my mind.I was saving for traveling to Chile.

My parents where not shocked but disappointed,”When are you going to settle?” “What is you´re plan for the future?” “You are not getting any younger!” I just heard :” Younger,younger,younger are you?” and Seinabo sey just pumped more adrenalin into my dreams.I love to take chances,to travel,to throw myself out in the world,into the unkown.And I rather be low-paid and struggle when I am old and think back on all my adventures,than old and secure wondering what life would be like if I followed my heart.To me, being rich is the sense of adventure and love,not living up to requirements of today’s society in relation to money and material things.In the future I might not own much,to some people,but to me I will be one of the richest 😉

Not everyone can say that they took the tropic beach walk on the way home from work,or they almost stepped into kangaroo poo on their way to the bathroom,who took an afternoon swim with the turtles,serve on a kakatua,or that their nearest neighbour is the glacier,that they don’t watch the tv but the moon rice by the sea.There is so many small things I could talk about and I am so grateful.

I love my work in Trondheim, hairdressing,nice colleges,the city life,the beautiful environment at the theatre,spending time with friends and family.I am grateful that I can come home and do that for a time,but to know that I am leaving again.It motivates me to work harder and I feel proud of myself,that I can manage to make my dreams come true.

November was easy,things where fresh again,just work and enjoying time with close ones,and a lots of skyping.It was cold and dark in Norway,easier to focus.December was the same,but I started being impatient… so as a christmas present to my Chilean I gave him a picture of my booked ticket to Chile.I had a date now,I was going to fly again,another country,another continent,another reunion.So exited.

Last new year I was watching the spectacular fire work over Sydney bridge from a penthouse in Kingsford.It was a crazy party,lots of champagne and I have never seen fire works compare to this,this year I was in the couch in my pajamas,watching tv with my mom,looked at the neighbors doing small fire works, with my flip-flops in the snow.It was ok,I had a few days left of work and then pack all my stuff,go to Skien to spend time and say goodbye,again.

Its exiting I love it,but to see some of my friends and family being so sad for me to leave again really gives me a bad conscience,it make me feel sad and selfish,they need me to stay,and in a way I wish I could,to be there for them,or even better to just take them with me.But it wouldn’t justify anything,even though we share a great love for each other we are really different,and I have to allow myself to be selfish enough to think in my own happiness first.

So the 28th of January 2016 my dear little  brother drove me to the train station,destination Chile. Goodbye again Norway,hello unknown future….



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