from south to north in the east.

He had this beautiful feathers hanging down from the mirror in the car, I remember I really liked them, the seats where comfy and so was the conversation, chilled and easy. He told me about when he bought the car, and that the only thing he really liked was the feathers.

It was the 4th of April and I was finally going up the east coast, taking day by day just appreciating life. After sharing basic facts about each other, while driving through Crowd head bay,Coffs harbor and Yamba we  where getting along great and we where now heading to Nimbin as good friends, it dosen`t take to long to get to know another when you travel and live in a car and are together 24/7                                          Driving inland, between beautiful green grass tops, a huge rainforest that frames everything and curls up around the road, windows wide open, youre hair dancing in the wind, the smell of sugar cane, smells like weed. This was Nimbin, Australia’s answer to Amsterdam.

Sleeping in the car at cheap camping spots, or just random places for free, it’s so nice.In Australia they have free bbq, benches,toilets and showers in every beach or parks. Setting up our home and then walking around this little hippie town, so many colours, on the houses and the people.                                    Everywhere you went they asked if you wanted cookies! We enjoyed the days with funny live music, good food, drinks, just sitting on the grass, meeting new people and getting to know each other more, life was good.  But what a contrast, I mean I would die if I saw my grandma just hanging outside in the street,so high, wearing a crop top showing her belly, colorful feathers in her long hair and just digging the trance music. People here lived their life in their own little bubble.                                                                             I was waiting impatiently for my chicken wrap that I ordered from another weird lady that talked to me as I was her child, and wanted to swap the wrap for my watch, after reminding them again I finally took a big bite into wrap only to discover that it was full of big bones! Well, it did the same job, I was not hungry anymore!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            It was getting late,the company had left, just me and the Chilean guy left with the candle lights, so dark, and across the camping spot I could see a big guy walking with a flash light, with his slow kind of limping walk. Who could that be at this time? My mind was suddenly thinking in this weird old Australian guy who was kidnapping backpackers!                                                                                                                        He was getting closer, and he was heading towards us, Chilean guy was sitting with his back against him and was still talking shit and laughing.                                                                                                          He was close now, and lighting up our faces. (we are fucked!), my body didn’t react to my thoughts, even the Chilean guy was getting stressed!                                                                                                           He blinded my eyes with the torch, I could only see a big shadow, and I just l”Have you seen my weed?”     A character from England getting stuck in Nimbin getting high all day, had apparently lost his weed! Harmless, but made some good laughs.

Afther a beautiful hike in the rainforest we finished of with a swim in the river, it was too hot to care about that I was just in my tiny underwear. But this was a well known lookout spot so just when I was ready to go, 10 tourists showed up with 10 cameras and extended my swim, I felt like a part of the attractions.

Byron Bay- a little beach town to fall in love with,there is no way to not like it if you like the beach that is.There is a wave for every one, even me! My run on the beach there is maybe one of the most memorable, running into heaven. In this beautiful sunset of pink and purple, with reflection on the wet sand, finishing of with a swim, words, even pictures becomes poor.                                                            We where cooking our dinner at night on a hot plate in a park among people from all over the world,some homeless people playing Bob Marley on repeat, crazy chicks steeling our beer, and people dancing with fire, and in the trees there where thousands parrots having a party,it was not boring.                                                                                                                                                                                                             To get  ready for a night out when you live in the car means having a cold shower in one of the beach shower next to the road. Its ok, but it  takes a while to get use to people walking by you while you washing your crotch. Back to the car to change clothes between the car doors, and putting make up on in the car mirror with the street lights!! And when the party is over and you have slept in the car for an hour, a ranger comes banging on your window and tell you to move asap!                                                                            Its fine, it’s all a part of the experience but sometimes you need a break, so we took in to a hostel for the next two days, and enjoyed Byron Bay to the fullest before we headed to the famous gold coast,surfers paradise!

It is a tourist paradise! This is not where you find the surfing culture, but it is quite nice scenery to spend a day or two. We spent one night in Coolangatta just 15 min outside of Gold Coast, where I started my morning with a great run along the beach overlooking the big waves and miles of beach with the skyscrapers of Gold Coast surrounding it all. It was peacefully, not crowded, I could not take my eyes of the skyscrapers on the beach, it was a special sight. I was so hot, my hair was whipping against my shoulders witch was sweating out my sunscreen, the smell of coconut and summer, and my feet where so light and fast, I think I smiled the whole run.                                                                                                   It’s a big city so then you have crowds, shopping, dining and drinking.We rented some bikes to ride around the city to have a look at this famous paradise, but it didnt take to long before we ended up out of the city and the beach… breath-taking views from the beach, but that’s it,I don’t know what all the fuzz is about, if you want to enjoy the beach you should stay outside of gold cost, it’s too windy, the waves wash you up like a washing machine and it’s too tourisitic.                                                                                                After partying in Gold Coast I was waking up pretty hangover, and I was not the only one…  I felt like cinderella, there I was yesterday, drinking expensive mojitos in a nice dress with beautiful make up, peeing in toilets covered in gold, and now opening up my eyes lying in my sleeping bag in a sweaty old car in a random parking lot, stepping outside,finding myself surrounded by tourist´s and people working out.. time for a shower, so there I was shampooing my hair while random people passing by greeting me good morning!                                                                                                                                                         On the way to Brisbane I felt exhausted, and the traffic was bad, we where not ready for another party night, and had enough of the city life so we just passed through Brisbane, a couple of times though, since I only had a half a brain that day and forgot my wallet somewhere in between Tourist paradise and brisbane.The store was now closed, but luckily for me the store owner came back for his glasses(!)

We drove through Sunshinecoast and Noosa witch was lovely, and then we camped at rainbow beach, a nice little town with unbelievable beaches. Again we camped in our car in a random place which is not allowed. After a few six packs, with good music and conversation at the beach a ranger car polled up blinding my intoxicated eyes with his lights. Trying to pull it together and hiding some of the beer bottles while the ranger walked out of the car. He was surprisingly nice, and I think I seemed pretty serious even though I was laughing my heart out inside. Cant even remember all he said, he was there for a while talking in his broad Australian accent giving us all this tips and pointers, I think at some point he was getting out his frustration to us about people not picking up after their dog, but I can´t say for sure.           But there we where packing up the car, out on a mission to hide the car, find a new place to sleep, at 23.00 in the middle of our party.The Chilled Chilean guy drove the car slowly up from the beach and parked it just outside a house, we packed a backpack, sleeping bags and  took the tent and headed back to the beach. It was a fun mission actually, we where laughing and the scenery was so nice, I will never forget the moon that night, it was the biggest moon I’ve ever seen, and soo orange.We slept on the beach and the next morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, and 5 swimming dolphins right into the seashore, thank you Ranger for making me not sleep in the car.

So close to Fraiser Island,but as non of us are good planners we where to late to book a trip, but it was no big deal, I’ve seen so many beautiful places around all of Australia and there was other places to go. We booked a sail trip to the Whitsunday Islands instead, so now we had to go to Arlie beach where the boat departed.                                                                                                                                                       Before we left we took all our dirty clothes to the laundry and while we waited we went to climb a sand dune, had a couple of beers in the hill and walked the amazing deserted beach back in the sunset.                                                                                                                                                       What a life, I feel blessed.

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WWW. where, when and where?

Suddenly I was in Adelaide, again without a plan..

I was exploring Adelaide with a french guy who I met in Perth, Adelaide is also nice,but just another city, with dining, drinking and shopping, which after a few days gets boring.I was in a hostel for a few days to  have internet access to finish my internet page and figure out a new plan.

I finished my Internet page ( ) among singing Italians, teenagers, annoying hostel staff, and now it was time to move. I was on my way to Aldinga outside of Adelaide to stay with a local, he picked me up at the train station and it was like meeting an old friend, we talked constantly, and he took me straight to a wildlife zoo, where we had fun feeding the kangaroos, koalas and parrots.And I met the Playboy bunny, read; albino kangaroo.                                                    Next we where of to a little cozy private brewery, where we tasted all the different sorts of beer, which the owner pored and talked about as it was gold. He met his wife traveling and they studied together so they could have a small brewery, now they live together, work together, and they travel together with their kids, so I would say they are living their life together.                 How amazing is it to wake up in the morning and start the day with having a walk on a deserted bach, with such high cliffs surrounding?  just saying!                                                                                                                                                            Main reason for coming to Adelaide was to go to Kangaroo Island, that was the mission. After a few days I had no luck in finding someone who had the same plans as me, and to go there on my own got too expensive, so next day I found myself sitting among 30 retired people on a tourist bus to the ferry… what have I signed up for!?                                                           On the ferry there was more oldies, local redneck people,truck drivers, alcoholics,kids family’s, and of course some asian tourists.I saw a girl at my age in the cafe que, but she disappered.Arriving KI and my hostel was no better, I felt I was in an old home. But luckily the girl from the ferry, was in my room, so at least we had each other, going to the local bar who of course is a typical Australian hotel bar with carpets and hospital lighting. Not much people there, but cant expect much from a city with 300 citizens.                                                                                                                                                                              Rented a car on KI,and went for a long drive on my own,saw some amazing beaches, landscape, heaps of kangaroos, and did some good photography.When I got back Clint Eastwood was  cooking me a free meal in is trailer, I never told him but I swear he looked just like him.                                                                                                                                                                  The next day I was on a stupid tourist bus,and next to me was this arabic guy in his 40`s with his camouflage suit on, we diden`t speak one word the whole trip.At one point I was worried he would hijack the whole bus!                                                                                                                                                                                                        There was mostly people travelling in par or in groups, retired people, old people having trouble walking, Asians having trouble stop taking pictures. We drove around to the most scenic places on the Island, got like 20 minutes to experience places and take photos before departure again. 80 people on and of the bus, 80 people in the toilet, 80 people eating and 80 people fighting to stand closest.It was a day of waiting, and it was impossible to take a photo without getting a german family in the picture. I kept mostly to myself,It’s not exactly my way of experience places, it was the worst money spend ever!At least I got to meet some wild sea lions,just a few steps away. (untill the tourist guide told me to back off!!)heaps of lazy koalas and kangaroos,some awesome cliffs that takes youre breath away, but are you going to KI for photos, go in the winter, the summer dries everything up,apparently the south coast  is the driest part in Australia.                                                                             Late check out of my hostel back in Adelaide, I found myself in a public toilet, with all my luggage, dry shaving my legs in the sink and covering up my bleach spots on my t-shirt with a pen! I felt like Julia Roberts in pretty woman!                                        I was getting ready to go to Glenelg, beach suburb of Adelaide, beautiful sunset on the beach, palms, small streets with nice restaurants and bars,enjoying with good company from the Netherlands and France. If it wasnt for my KI trip, I would never have met my good friend from the Netherlands, wich I’m so happy I did.                                                                                     After two days we where on our way to the airport, she was going Brisbane, and I was going to Sydney, to stay with my friend at Bondi, while I planned a trip up the east coast.                                                                                                                    Airport company is always appreciated! After we had swallowed our McDonald meal, we where sitting in the boarding area, talking shit, waiting to board and say goodbye, I was talking about the differences between  movies and real life when it comes to travelling with plane.In the movies  you always have a cute guy in the seat next to you, and maybe you are hitting it off, or at least the flight is untertaining.In real life that never happens, it’s either a fat guy, sitting in half of youre seat, smelly people, people chewing gum,screaming baby’s,annoying kids, people who snores, are too drunk or just totally uninteresting. A random guy standing right behind us, heard all this, but neither of us care as we where sitting on gate 24 and was boarding on 22 and 26,so didn’t matter. But as I was going to board my plane as the last person, this guy walk over to gate 22 aswell, and YES, he is the person sitting next to me on the plane!

First time me and my Bondi mate met, I was a couchsurfer and he welcomed me to stay on his couch the same day I asked him, he kinda saved me from another bad couch. Since then we have been good friends, and he has always been there for me during my stay in Australia.I had a reunion with Bondi, my run at the cliffs, Sydney city, and good friends,good to be back but I was not there to stay.                                                                                                                                                                   Even though you are traveling on your own in Australia, it doesn’t mean that you are traveling alone(that was to my mum), it’s so easy to find, travelmates, ride share, people with the same plans. You have Gumtree, facebook groups, or you just meet them randomly out and about. I had an ad out on Gumtree, saying I was looking for someone with a car who had the same plans as me, and the respond was too much, so many calls, mails, and texts, from people with no social antennas what so ever, asking me if I could be their girlfriend on this trip, or offering me a job as a private dancer!? After meeting with a drunk guy in a bar in his 50`s, two german guys with no plan what so ever, no meaning, no english, nothing,and answering so many weirdos I was now meeting an 28-year-old chilean guy in Sydney, who were easy-going and chilled he said.Honestly I was tired of meeting people, and my expectations was so low.                                                                                                                                      He was walking towards me, introducing himself with no smile, he was looking in my eyes, then down at my big herpes on my lip, then my breasts. The blister again, then my breast.After spending a few hours together, he seemed alright and YES he was chilled.I was just tired of the search and so ready to go, so two days later he picked me up at Bondi, and I throw all my shit into a Toyota station wagon from 92, and we where off.                                                                                                                       It’s hard to explain it, but everyone should experience the feeling of freedom you feel when a suitcase is all you own, and you are driving to a destination you’re not sure of, for who knows how long, with somebody completely stranger. No expectations, no time limit, no worries mate!!

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If youre life turns to shit, make a compost out of it!

After seeing a bit of the west, and working for 6 weeks in the middle of nowhere, I was ready to take of again, it was the end of February and I was super exited. I’ve been staying with my boss house for free and in return I have folded a grown mans underpants, pretending how to cook, being child friendly and even a little bit Christian.

I’ve saved up some money,and I wanted to see more of the real Australia and therefore go on the road, so I decided to by my own car. But if I did that, it would put me back on a very low travel budget again.But when I want something, I usually just do it no matter what. So I did! I bought a beautiful big white Pajero, with lots of space for my travel mates and me.

On my way to Perth, to meet the other travelers and start the journey, the car stopped! Are you fucking kidding me !!! In the middle of nowhere, and my french travel mate keeps texting me ´”where are you??” “I’m in Hell!”

At first I was frustrated, then pissed off, mostly at myself! It was like flushing down all my hard made money from Kojonup in the toilet. Waste of time and now I was stuck in Perth.At one point I felt like such a failure, with all my money gone, no transport, a car who is keeping me from leaving and nowhere to stay. But Samwise Gamgee, as I like to think of him, turned it all around and made me think differently. That was my silver lining, to meet Sam and his friends, who let me stay at their house while I sorted this out, such kind people.

When everything seems to turn into shit,it’s important to not use all you’re energy on that, to change focus and appreciate all the good thing that happens at the same time,otherwise you will miss it! I have a car in my driveway, who want start either, he said, we can make this a cemetery for cars, he laughed so his ice cubes in his glass shaked.

I found a travelshare to continue my travel trough the Nullarbor plains,so I left my shit in Morley with my new friends, and they helped me sell the car later on. And think about it, I just new those people for a week, and yet they did all this for me, and I really felt i had some good trustworthy friends

Heading South from Perth trough the Nullarbor, I’m in the passenger seat now and I’m already finding it hard to not do things my way. I’m listening to a Vietnamese american singing his heart out to Christina Aguilera, and in the backseat a young german girl is talking on the phone in loud german.

He didn’t want to rush things, he wanted to travel and see things, but when you’re stopping every 20 min, look at EVERY beaches, stones, look outs, stupid tourist stuff, stop in the middle of the road to make dinner in just a dry bush,it’s not fun anymore. I was on a tourist train!

The German and I manage to speed him up a little bit, and made sure we cut out all the tourist shit and did some fun stuff. I’m pretty sure we would not be friends if it wasn’t for this trip, cause we where all so different. I get bored easily, and I’m  not easy to deal with then, I get fuzzy. but then again, I’m also easy-going, so I’ll always find my way.

Most importantly I saw some awesome stuff from Perth, down south to Albany, trough the nullarbor, all the way to Adelaide. The american Vietnamese had planned 12-14 days but it took us 7 days. I got to go for a very memorable run on the Esperance, feed wild kangaroos,climbed some small mountain tops, played in the sand dunes,chilled in huge trees, got to sit on the edge of the bunda cliffs, wich I remember googled back in Norway, thinking; I wanna go there! for no other reason then just that, and I did!! We slept in the car every night, in gumtree forests with Emu’s running around.Trough the Nullarbor it’s not much, but that’s wats so nice, it’s just open plains with almost no bush, and just this very straight road cutting trough nothing but beautiful pink and purple sunsets, it was a great experience.

This man was so kind, so kind that I almost felt sorry for him,but he was too organized,I guess he wanted it his way too.                                                                                                                                                   We got straight from one week on the road to Barrosso hills, the wine district. Wine tasting of Jacobs creek, the wine I usually buy back home in Norway, Winery looked amazing, I did not!… a trailer trash out on the veranda in the sun sipping the bobles.

With that I said  goodbye to my travelmates, its been great after all, we had some good laughs and now I was at a hostel in Adelaide,ready to explore a new city.
















I really dont want to go home, there is too much to see…


A traveler

When I left Norway 7 months ago, I honestly didn’t know what my plans was at all, I just had a big daydream of being in Australia, learning to surf,to live in a place where you can see palm trees every day, where the sun is hot and meet new people who daydreams too. I remember daydreaming about road trips,beaches, sunsets,feel good with friends, and then if I found a place that I really liked, maybe I would stay and live in Australia. But traveling around in Straya, has really woken up the traveler in me and now I just don’t want to stop …

After two months in Sydney, I left for Melbourne. The tourist in me was sad but the traveler was exited, I then again realized I’m doing this on my own, and even though I’m leaving, I’m not going home.

As I left for this trip without much savings I had no choice but to do everything on a budget. But if i DID have a choice, I would have chosen this way anyway. I discovered Couch Surfing, it’s the best way of getting to know a new place, trough a local who takes you into his home and let you stay at his couch, spare bed or whatever. He shows you the city, take you to the best places, introduce you to his friends,take you to famous or secret spots. And some of them becomes a friend for life. Some people find it hard to understand how CS is possible, how people just do this with wanting nothing in return, and they are  wondering how it could be safe. It’s not easy telling my dad that I’m leaving without a plan, and that I’m staying at this unknown persons couch for who knows how long. But for me it’s the greatest way, IF you come to the right door! Yes, there are some crazy people out there, but they are all a part of the experience too.And sometimes, because of the shitty situations, you`ll meet people you wouldn’t have otherwise.

I mean, there has been time when things where pretty shit. I’ve dragged my 30 kilo suitcase around searching for right addresses, only to discover that it is only one room, with one bed, and one pillow,that he ask to share, and then after leaving realize it’s 23 a clock and I’m standing in the street with my 30 kilo of shit and have nowhere to sleep. Or when the CS host texts you from the living room, asking you to come in to his bed. When you not really connect with a person but she thinks you are best friends. When the host explains that he don’t want you in his bed to have sex, he just likes to cuddle!.But that’s just a part of it, most of the people I’ve met trough couch surfing has been wonderful to me.

I’ve lived on the busiest street in Bondi Beach, going for my morning run on the cliffs, with a view that takes your breath away. In a skyscraper at Kings Cross, where I could enjoy a glass of wine while admire the spectacular view of Sydney opera house, harbour bridge and the skyscrapers lighting up in the night. I’ve listened to a brazilian guy telling my about life in st.Kilda,while I was sitting on his homemade furniture and admiring all his plants in his beautiful garden. Listening to old records, while enjoying an ice cold cooper on this terrace with several couches, hammocks, chairs and home-made stuff full of soul. ‘I love to hate, Melbourne’ a strong Aussie accent told me.

After some weeks in Melbourne and a couple of days driving the Great ocean road,wich was fantastic, I was in the back row on Tiger airs economy class where I was whipped in my face with dreadlocks by the person next to me, baby’s screaming, person in row 27 having conversation with a person in row 24, fat stewardesses pressing themselves up the aisle. And of course when the seatbelt light comes of on the ground, everybody stands up to exit the plane first, that’s a classic.

I was picked up at Perth airport, by a new CS host, born and raised in Perth.He showed me the city,on a bicycle,we went for early runs around swan river, climbed rooftops with spectacular views, music festival in charming Fremantle, the most beautiful beaches,the typical Aussie with italian blood also invited me back home to his family for a dinner party, who was lovely.’I’m just trying to be as nice and helpful to other people as I can..’ he said. My host family in Kojonup took me back to their big family farm and we went horseback riding across the wide open plains,family camping in Bussolton,fancy lunch at a winery at Margaret river, and watching some awesome horse races. In Aldinga outside of Adelaide, a nice dud picked me up at the train station and took me to meet some koalas and kangaroos, and then to this nice and cozy local brewery, where the owner himself poured my beer, and spoke about it like it was gold, and how he build up his business.Started the next day with a walk along a beautiful beach with high cliffs all to ourself, where he told me about his daydreams.

I have so many experiences that I would not have experienced if it wasn’t for the locals, and they make you feel so at home and belonged, you don’t feel like a tourist at all, they are so genuinely nice. And I had so many interesting conversations, good social hours,shared experiences, and it’s so fascinating to see how different we all are,so instructive to hear about others way of thinking, their way of living and their experiences and culture, and I’ve really learned a lot from the people I’ve met on my travels, it really gives you perspective in life.

The differences between a tourist and a traveler is huge, it isn’t about the right and wrong way of traveling, but what’s right for you, for me it is being a traveler. They say that a tourist doesn’t know where he has been and a traveler doesn’t know where he is going. That a tourist is an amateur traveler and a traveler is a professional tourist. A traveler experiences, while a tourist observes. The tourist travels with a plan, and comes to see what he had planned to see,while a traveler just see what he see, blends in with the locals, are curious and open-minded and just goes with the flow, that can take you places you have never dreamed of. Instead of ending up with just a good tan, thin wallet and souvenirs, you will be rich on experiences, have new friends all over the world, and you will learn how to see things in a broader perspective.We are all different but I have definitely become a professional tourist, and I love it.



Livet er ikke bare eventyr vøttø Annki! sa mamma, Hvorfor ikke? tenkte jeg.

Å reise rundt å oppleve nye steder, mennesker og kulturer er rett og slett deilig. Jeg skjønner ikke folk som ikke vil dette, men jeg kan forstå at folk ikke gjør det på en måte, fordi før var jeg en av dem. Det tok meg lang tid å innse at å gjøre dagdrømmene mine virkelig er faktisk mulig for en som meg. så teit.

De fleste har muligheten til å designe sitt eget liv sånn de vil ha det, man må bare vite hvordan man vil ha det. Jeg, jeg vil ha lykke, og for meg er lykke å ikke vite hva hver dag bringer. Jeg vil ha spenning, jeg vil oppleve mest mulig, se de vakreste steder i verden, jeg vil kjenne at jeg lever. Og det gjør jeg nå, på godt og vondt.

Det er ikke bare bare å reise på andre siden av jorda aleine på budsjett, det er trist når eventyrbobla sprekker når fyren du couchsurfer hos mens du jobber og sparer for å reise videre spør om du liker å gi blowjobs(!) Når du løper til toget forsinket til jobb i 35 grader, med all bagasjen din fordi du må bytte sted å bo også blir kortet avvist når du skal kjøpe billet.Natt før første dag i ny jobb, og person nr 6 på hostel rommet snorker som en av udyrene i ringenes herre. Angsten kan også komme snikende når du innser at bankkontoen er over på minus og du fortsatt ikke har fått ny jobb.Når du har jobbet og spart opp penger å kjøper bil, overlykkelig og klar til å starte evetyret, men første stopp blir verksted. Kunsten er å kunne holde roen og nyte øyeblikkene selv om du ikke har peiling på hva som skjer next.

Men det er totalt verdt det når du kan starte dagen med en løpetur i steike fint vær, langs klippene med utsikt som tar pusten din, spasere til jobb igjennom alle skyskraperene, møte nye spennende personligheter gjennom engelsk konversasjon, nyte god drikke i de vakreste solnedganger, dra på surfedate,opera i Sydney, salsa på en tirsdag, pelikaner, pappegøyer,kenguruer og koalaer i parken, dette er bare en liten brøkdel, det er vannskelig å beskrive,men det er nye kulturelle happenings hele tiden, vakre skapninger, fantastiske syn hver dag.Jeg har ikke kjedet meg en dag siden jeg dro. Når alt kommer til alt er de negative opplevelsene også fantastisk, fordi det er en del av det hele og de gjør at du kommer i kontakt med andre mennesker og når det er over utgjør det en fantastisk historie.

Jeg stortrives i Sydney, i Australia- strayalife!

Walkabout without a penny

Det å reise handler ikke nødvendighvis om penger men pågangsmot og handleevne, hvis du ønsker noe sterkt nok så vil du finne veier å nå dit på.

Etter to år endt utdannelse ved NKH, fotolinjen i Trondheim var jeg klar for å endelig dra til Australia for å ta tredje året, Bachelor grad i fotografi ved Curtin Uni i Perth Australia. Når du er 29 og karakterkortet fra vgs tilsier at du tidligere ga F i all skolegang, så må du utføre en TOEFL test med minst 91p. for å i det heletatt komme inn på uni. Jeg tok den dyre testen to ganger uten å oppnå det kravet. Jeg følte meg nokså misslykket!

Hadde ingen plan B, jeg hadde solgt alt jeg eide og flyttet hjem og var klar for ny start i utlandet. Så det å være 30, singel, bo på pikerommet, null savings, og se drømmen forsvinne fikk meg ikke akkurat til å føle meg mindre mislykket.

Etter flere år med utdannelse på privat skole, høye utgifter til utstyr, og min lyst på eventyr så så ikke skoleåret på Curtin til 177 000 ut til å være oppnåelig. Etter mye tenking og research begynte jeg også å tvile på om det var verdt det, og mistet lysten på å jobbe mot det.

Sulten på Australia og fotografering var fortsatt stor, følte meg låst og forvirret.

Etter flere mislykkede kjærlighetsforhold og ingen prosjekter å jobbe mot følte jeg meg ulykkelig i Trondheim, så etter mange grublene timer gikk det bare opp for meg, -Hvorfor drar du bare ikke? -Hva holder deg igjen?

Når du ikke har nåla i veggen er det kanskje litt skummelt å bestille en sånn type reise, men jeg følte det sto mellom blakk og ulykkelig eller blakk og lykkelig. Veier blir til mens du går, skal du spinke å spare, og vente til det passer seg ender man opp med å bruke all tiden til nettop det.

Jeg jobbet døgnet rundt i et par mnd, reiste og malte hytter alene i ingenmannsland, mens andre grillet og drakk øl i sene solnedganger.

Så stod jeg der da, på velkomstmøtet hos Work and travel company i Sydney, svett, jetlaged,ingen konkret plan, omringet av overivrige 20 åringer. Hva faen er det jeg gjør? Panikken fant meg-  Penger?Jobb? Hvor?Reise?Bo? Når? HÆ?

Etter en uke på surfcamp uten tilgang til resten av verden, smaken på det avslappede aussie livet, forsvant panikken kjapt og jeg kunne svare Jo, jeg følger drømmen min! Endelig er jeg her, jeg klarte det, beste jeg har gjort.

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